About Visual Software Systems and VisualME

We help businesses increase sales and reduce costs by building strong customer relationships using innovative marketing strategies based around your website and a strong technology strategy.  Our combination of years of entrepreneurial experience, software technology, internet expertise, and marketing are an unbeatable combination that can become a lead generation machine.

Roger D. Sparks – Founder and President

Every contact with Visual Software Systems begins with its president, Roger Sparks. With over 40 years of executive, marketing and development experience, Roger has successfully implemented marketing and internet technology throughout his career. He will personally manage your project from start to finish, ensuring you get the results you want and expect.

He has a long entrepreneurial history of developing and building successful organizations.

  • Most recently he was Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Technology Officer of Gateway2Finance Ltd., an internet portal for secured and unsecured loan products and services in the U.K.  With a client base of several thousand independent loan organizations, and a supply base of multiple worldwide lenders, Gateway2Finance was acquired by publicly held Equiniti Group in 2017.
  • Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at Taratec Development Corporation,  a consulting company providing integrated business, information technology, and FDA regulatory compliance products and services to the pharmaceutical industry. Taratec was acquired by Patni Computer Systems (NYSE: PTI).
  • Chief Marketing Officer at worldwide software manufacturer Princeton Softech, Inc. Princeton Softech was acquired by Computer Horizons Corp (NASDAQ:CHRZ), then IBM (NYSE: IBM).
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President Development, and Vice President International Operations, at Thoroughbred Software International, a manufacturer of Unix- and Windows-based software development products used throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.
  • Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of publicly traded accounting software manufacturer State of the Art, known for its MAS90 accounting software product line.  State of the Art was acquired by Sage Software PLC.
  • President of MAI Application Software Corporation (MAI-ASC), a subsidiary of publicly traded Management Assistance, Inc.  MAI-ASC sold and supported business application software for MAI Basic Four computers throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

Sparks began his Information Technology career with his recruitment after college by Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.  He formed his first software company, Parthenon Systems, 3 years later.


Visual Software Systems was founded in 2001 for small development and consulting projects. Many of the techniques used at Visual Software were pioneered in large organizations where we facilitated innovative and cutting-edge Internet-based marketing.

For the past several years, we have concentrated exclusively on internet marketing strategies and website improvement for small to medium size companies. We have delivered significant improvements for internet marketing in a wide variety of companies from multiple industries.

In early 2003, Visual Software Systems expanded it’s operations into the United Kingdom and Europe.  We offer local sales, service and support both there and in other selected international locations. We have focused on the finance industry in the United Kingdom, and now have a large and diverse installed customer base using our products for a variety of applications.