Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing can generate leads. If you’re not actively using social media, you’re walking away from business.  We can help make your company a social success, and show you how effective social marketing can produce tangible results.

The Social Media Opportunity

Facebook used to be a social-only forum, with little opportunity for business.  But Facebook accumulates a staggering amount of information about their client base, including age, occupation, interests, residence location, education, and more importantly the links we click on telling them about our immediate interests.

Facebook savvy businesses can use that information to communicate with their target audience and to precisely focus ads for their products or services.

Your Facebook business page can be used to communicate with an ever growing audience of people interested in your products and services.

A Facebook ad – which can appear in a timeline, just like a post from a friend – can use Facebook’s information for targeting.   Imagine taking your current promotion for a product, and having it show up in timelines only in specific target locations, and only for the people most likely to be interested in what you are selling.  The payback can be enormous for a very small advertising outlay.

Recent additions include video advertising, which allow you to have up to a 60 second video included in your ad.

What We Offer

Managing the enormous Social Media opportunity requires a multiphase approach.  We can help you excel in each required area.

Social Audience Building

  • Using a corporate Social Media page to build “likes” from your target audiences on each social media forum
  • Effectively communicating with that audience using regular posts

Social Media Advertising

Using Social Media advertising properly is a challenge, and one can easily spend lots of advertising dollars with little payback.  We are Social Media experts, and we’ll help you:

  • Write your ad copy to generate leads
  • Include videos where appropriate to increase response rates
  • Precisely target your ads to your specific demographics
  • Add specific landing pages to your website to promote conversions
  • Add conversion tracking to your website to directly measure ROI
  • Manage all aspects of your campaigns, from initial concept to successful completion

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