Mobile Website – Viewing Your Website on a Smart Phone

Mobile phones have already dramatically affected how people access and view your website. Local mobile searches now exceed desktop mobile searches, and the number of people treating their smartphones as their main internet device continues to grow.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Does your website automatically adjust for correct display on a mobile phone? (Try it and see.)
  2. Is Google going to classify your website (and list it in every one of their search results) as “mobile friendly”? (Question 1 should answer this!)

This website is ‘mobile friendly’.

If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, you already see it in action. If you are visiting from a normal web browser, just narrow the browser page from the right and you’ll see how it automatically adjusts for your viewing.

Your website needs to work on every device – every time someone looks at it.


IPhone - VisualME


IMac - VisualME


IPad - VisualME

Google Is Now Using Mobile-Friendliness as a Ranking Factor

In response to this dramatic increase in mobile use, Google has just announced they are about to start using “mobile friendliness” as a significant search ranking factor. This is important to you – if your website isn’t what Google defines as “mobile friendly”, your rankings are about to suffer.

Will Google Think You Have a Mobile Website?

A Mobile Website means Google needs to see your website as “mobile friendly.” 

Mobile friendliness means most of the following “responsive design” characteristics must automatically adjust when your website is viewed on a mobile device:

  1. Hierarchy (order) of things shown
  2. Navigation (selectors and menus)
  3. Fonts and Sizes
  4. Colors
  5. Layout (columns, etc.)
  6. Image Scaling and Size
  7. Padding (spacing left, right, and horizontally)
  8. Visibility: Hiding certain content

What We Offer

We can quickly and easily add mobile phone functionality to your company website. We’ll detect website access by any mobile phone, and provide a phone specific user interface, with components automatically adjusting to operate properly on the mobile phone.

Think of the opportunties. Your salespeople can show account demonstrations or get leads as the come through the website. Customers can respond to marketing offers delivered directly to their phone. Any function currently available on your website can be quickly ‘mobile phone enabled’, allowing anyone access from any device

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