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If you have an existing website, but are looking for a new look and feel – 100% compatible for mobile viewing and completely search optimized for Google – we can make it happen quickly. If this is your first website, we can make it easy and painless.

What We Offer

Building a new website is no longer the time consuming task it once was. We specialize in fast website development and can make yours as special as it needs to be to properly and attractively represent your business. We use professional designers and have done complete sites in as little time as 3-4 weeks, start to finish. And you’ll end up with a completely search optimized site as well, so Google Rankings will start to follow shortly after your new mobile and tablet ready website is released.

And your new website will work on every device and in every environment – from the very first day.


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Building Your Website

The process is straightforward and simple.

  • We’ll have a meeting with you to understand and outline your needs. At this remote or local meeting, we’ll review the overall requirements for your new site, and get an idea about your expectations.
  • We’ll do an extensive review of website templates that have all the features you need – we are experts with this – and also know how to avoid the problems with selecting a template that lacks underlying stability or capabilities. There are literally thousands of templates available – using the right one is a key decision, and we know how to do it efficiently.
  • We’ll review a short list of selections with you, explaining the features of each approach. Out of this will come a selection.
  • We’ll install the template on a test site and customize it completely for your “look and feel”, to make it your own.
  • We’ll then build content together, either using the content on your prior site, or writing and developing new content. During this content building, we’ll change design where required, and customize specific new features where they are required.
  • We’ll “Google Search Engine Enable” the entire site when the copy is complete

There are a lot of other things that happen during this project, but this will give you a general idea of the steps and processes.

We’ve done complete sites in as fast as 30 days, but most new sites take from 2 to 4 months. At the completion, you’ll have a site that’s easy to maintain, attractive and functional, and completely mobile and Google friendly.

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