Marketing Strategy

We are first and foremost marketing experts. We have decades of marketing experience, working at the most senior levels in all types of organizations. There isn’t a problem we haven’t seen, or a solution that we haven’t been able to help implement. We are used to difficult problems – and finding cost effective solutions.

What We Offer

Smaller companies often struggle with marketing strategy problems that larger companies just throw money at. We’ve seen them all. We will typically get a fast grasp on what you sell, and how you deliver it, and then quickly come up with some immediate and effective new solutions using your website as the marketing vehicle.

We can do this much less expensively than you might expect, and you will start to see results almost immediately.

Solutions Come In All Flavors

No one company is like any other. Every company has unique problems, typically built up over years of operation. An outside expert is often the better person to both identify problems, and quickly come up with some immediate solutions.

We’re Experts With New Companies

We’ve been used by several companies from their initial conception. We’ve developed launch strategies, managed website design, marketing material development, and initial sales strategies. We’ve developed innovative web marketing portals, and delivered never seen before solutions to targeted marketplaces.

For a new finance industry customer, we delivered customized web portals that are ‘state of the art’ in their marketplace, and that completely differentiates what they offer.  Read more about them here.

Companies Who’ve Been Here For A Long Time Can Benefit

Most of our clients had been around for a long time before they engaged our services. We are experts in finding new and innovative ways to use their websites for better customer service.

Finance Industry Client

For a long-time finance industry customer, we showed them how to deliver loan status via their website, and how to facilitate web payments for loans from their website using an interface with a large bank.  Delinquencies dropped dramatically.  Read more about them here.

Health Care Client

For a health care client, we developed a customized webinar program that increased leads, generated new sales, and improved their marketing image in their target market. We completely re-engineered their website, from the ground up, and all the supporting materials delivered from it. For them, liquidity was the objective, and we helped them obtain that goal – they sold their business.

Image Development

Are you frustrated with old literature that doesn’t match your website? With new literature but old website content? Let us show you how to easily coordinate what material you deliver by tightly coupling it with your website.

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