VisualME Announces New Mobile-Friendly Website

VisualME is proud to announce the release of a new mobile-friendly website with a family of new capabilities and fully optimized for Google Search.

We’ve been upgrading our clients to mobile-friendly websites for over two years, and all new sites we’ve developed during that time are already mobile-friendly.  As is often the case, we’d neglected our own website, which had been developed over 10 years ago and gone through several revisions.

New website technologies have improved dramatically over the recent years, and we made the decision to redevelop our site, instead of upgrading, using all these new technologies, both for our own benefit, as well as to illustrate how effectively mobile technology can be blended with other innovative technologies and techniques to provide a truly “state of the art” web portal.

The new site contains examples of all the latest technologies, including:

  • Fully Responsive to show and operate properly on mobile phones, tablets, or standard web browsers with no page changes
  • Completely search engine optimized, to build the highest possible Google search rankings from day one
  • Search engine “click through” optimized to encourage click through activity from search results
  • Newsletter Subscriptions are integrated throughout the site, with non-intrusive pop-up form subscriptions and automatic new article notifications via subscription;
  • Completely integrated with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools
  • Completely integrated with Facebook for automatic postings and page referrals
  • Completely integrated with Google+ for Business for automatic postings and page referrals
  • Simple to maintain and enhance using a flexible and powerful content management system

What Does This Mean for You?

We developed our new website in four weeks, start to finish.  We used much of the content on our old site, but made sure to use all the appropriate new technology to make the website function properly as a lead generation tool.

Dealing with someone you know and trust is the key factor to address these issues for your website. If your current web support person has experience with “responsive design” and understands your website, they are the ones to call on.

There are, however, lots of people who will try to sell you partial update services, but few of them understand the whole marketing picture. Deal with someone who does.

We can help you develop a completely new website, within your budget, and quickly.

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