Esparros Properties

Esparros Properties offers classic homes and commercial properties for rent in the Greater New Orleans area.


Esparros Properties



What We Did

Esparros Properties did not have a website. The owners had acquired a large number of  commercial and residential rental properties in the New Orleans area, and were looking for ways to find new renters when natural turnover occurred.

What We Accomplished

  • helped analyze, select, and design the appropriate WordPress template for their new website
  • established web access and domain registration for the website
  • customized and developed their entire web environment
  • helped them profile all their properties
  • established a Facebook page for them and helped them customize it
  • established a Google+ page for them and helped them customize it
  • established a Google Webmasters Tools site for them
  • established a Google Analytics site for them and put tracking code on all the webpages
  • installed and configured numerous plug-ins including tenant notifications
  • search engine optimized the entire website for Google Search